Virtual Memorials

This is your own special memorial website in tribute to your loved one, where you can share memories, thoughts and stories with family and friends as well as light candles, add music, photos and videos. You can collect fundraising donations for a special charity or project in their name, organise events, celebrate anniversaries – and much more.

Ways To Remember

Remembering the person that has died and helping those affected by their death is at the heart of our service. We offer individual tribute pages as well as shared dedication pages, to allow you to choose how to honour your loved one in a way that feels right for you.

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Memorial Service Information

Create a tribute and share online. Use the Invite section to share your Tribute with specific people and choose whether or not to add your Tribute onto popular social networks. Includes a printable map and details for guests, such as time, date and location of a memorial service.

In-Memory Charity Donations

Choose a favourite charity or charities so that guests can make in-memory donations that will also display on your Tribute site.

Light A Tribute Candle

Select from a wide range of beautiful candles, such as Thought and Birthday Candles (alight for a day) to Lasting Candles (permanent).

Share Photos, Thoughts & Stories

Thoughts and messages of condolence help friends or family to share their feelings and memories. Photos are added into a Gallery listing and you can also create personalised slideshows for your main page as well as Story and Timeline sections.

We offer this service, free of charge, to all our families. In partnership with

Plan Ahead With A Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Fosters Funeral Directors affords the highest level of care and attention at the most affordable prices. That’s why we have created our lowest cost funeral plan.

Funeral Plan

Arrange A Funeral For Your Loved One Today

If your loved one has passed away you can choose a direct cremation funeral which costs just £1095 from Fosters. It’s a straightforward, no-frills funeral with no service.

Arrange A Funeral