What Is A Direct Cremation?

Commonly known as a low cost or simple funeral, a direct cremation has also been described as a low cost or simple funeral which a is a modern, affordable alternative to a traditional cremation. This is the perfect option for people who want a no-frills service. Although friends and family won’t be able to attend the cremation at Woodside Crematorium, this is an affordable way to use funeral funds for other things, like a wake, private remembrance event, headstone, or memorial.

What are the benefits of a Direct Cremation?

  • Lower cost compared to other traditional funeral options

  • Have a service or ceremony at a place of your choice

  • A no-frills option, avoid the formality of a funeral service

  • Fosters take care of everything for you

How Does It Work?

A direct cremation funeral does not include an actual funeral service or ceremony. Fosters are one of very few funeral directors in the UK who can provide this service from start to finish with all our own staff, one phone call and we can take care of everything.  We would collect the individual from their place of rest and provide all the necessary care and preparation until the day of the funeral. On the day of the funeral, we will transport the individual to Woodside Crematorium and pass the ashes back for the family to collect at their nearest branch. Alternatively, we can scatter them in our beautiful Garden of Remembrance.

What Does It Include?

  • 24 hour customer helpline

  • Completion of all documentation and liaison with all third parties
  • Advice, support and guidance
  • Bringing the deceased into our care

  • Care and preparation of the deceased

  • Fully lined and fitted Simple coffin

  • Scattering of ashes in the garden of remembrance or collection from a Fosters parlour

  • Fee for an unattended cremation (at a date and location of our choosing)

Direct Cremation Information Guide

Find out more about our lowest cost funeral plan by requesting your free guide to direct cremation. Simply click on the button below and fill in your details to get started.

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Plan Ahead With A Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Fosters Funeral Directors affords the highest level of care and attention at the most affordable prices. That’s why we have created our lowest cost funeral plan.

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If your loved one has passed away you can choose a direct cremation funeral which costs just £1095 from Fosters. It’s a straightforward, no-frills funeral with no service.

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Why Choose Fosters?

Fosters Funeral Directors aim to provide the highest level of service and care at the most affordable prices. We have funeral homes throughout Scotland and take a great deal of pride in serving our local communities.  

All of our direct cremations take place at our historic Woodside Crematorium which has elegant tree lined pathways, stunning views and three beautiful gardens of remembrance where family and friends can visit anytime. 

Why Choose Fosters?

For immediate assistance, help or advice, please call us on 0800 121 8090

For immediate assistance, help and advice, please call us on
0800 121 8090