How do our direct cremations work?

Our direct cremation service is straightforward and dignified. If you do not require a traditional service, with a hearse or limousines, Fosters Funeral Directors can ensure a respectful cremation occurs and your own or your loved ones ashes are returned safely upon request.

  • When you are ready, we will collect the person who has died and take them to one of our specially designed care facilities.
  • Your Funeral Arranger will assist you in completing all the legal documentation and finalising any specific wishes you may have.
  • We will carefully prepare the person for their cremation, and if they have certain medical implants we will remove these at this point.
  • They will be dressed in a white robe and gently placed into a simple coffin where they will remain until its time for the funeral.
  • There is normally no opportunity to visit a person with a Direct Cremation, but if you need to see them one last time, you can add this to the package and we will arrange for them to be taken to a chapel of rest where you can say your final farewell.
  • The person will then be taken to Woodside Crematorium in Paisley where their cremation will take place.
  • There are no mourner present when the Cremation takes place, but we will let you know the date that it is planned, and when the it is complete the ashes can be returned to your chosed Fosters Funeral Home, ready for collection or they can be scattered in the Garden of Rememberance.

Is a direct cremation right for you or your loved one?

A direct cremation can be a liberating choice for some people, but it is very different from the traditional service so we would recommend speaking with you family and friends before you make your final choice.

Below are some of the reasons people choose a direct cremation service:

  • No frills, no fuss send off that suits my nature
  • You are not tied to the traditional funeral service and you can arrange a personal service in a less formal setting
  • Some people find a traditional funeral can be too sombre
  • It keeps the cost to a minimum

Call us on 0800 121 8090 to see if a direct cremation is right for your loved one.